It is an interesting conversation — not least because it gets all of us outside the usual facebook bubble of only talking to people who agree with us already. As far as I’m concerned, that’s always a good thing.

By the way I reject the characterisation of my view as that “the white race has somehow been more evil than others”. That’s a bit of an over-simplification: as you say, it would be downright silly.

We started here:

Nazism actually started in the US, as a way of stealing natural resources from the indigenous population.

Which was a very compressed way of likening the behaviour of early presidents like Andrew Jackson towards the indigenous Americans to the behaviour of the Nazis towards the Jews.

I agree that it’s still pretty controversial, but it’s defensible.

reservations = concentration camps,

trail of tears = moving Jews to ghettos,

making treaties and breaking them = promising Jews a better life in camps,

stealing any and all assets = ditto,

revenging military defeats by slaughtering men, women and children = ditto

I’d be interested to see counter arguments to what I actually said, rather than to someone else’s interpretation?

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