Since I live in the UK, I don’t think your comment makes much sense — he isn’t talking about my country. And since you apparently live in the US, that’s not surprising. You, poor soul, have had to contend with the US “education” “system” — which is unfortunate.

I had the benefit of a bad education but intelligent parents, so most of what I know I’ve worked out for myself, and I’m very savvy about who I believe. I don’t believe everything anti-Trump, but after his performance while over here recently, and then in Helsinki, I’m afraid we have good grounds to doubt his intelligence — or at least his ability to absorb information and evaluate it.

Turning your back on Queen Elizabeth is jolly silly, whoever you are — bad manners are bad manners and shame the perpetrator. There are cartoons of Her Maj asking 007 to sort him out, preferably in such a way that we can blame the Russians. Dumping the UK prime minister even further in the sticky brown stuff by speaking well of BoJo, just after he’s resigned from his cabinet post, was stupid, too — BoJo is going down the pan faster than Flynn.

Believing Putin is just idiotic — sort of on a level with painting your flat gold…

But then you’re American, so presumably you haven’t understood a word of this. Good luck.

Activist with an interest in good food and good company.

Activist with an interest in good food and good company.